Planting Beer Ingredients in Your Garden

Planting Beer Ingredients in Your Garden

If you love brewing beer, you can achieve your dreams by creating your own garden. As you know, hops are an important ingredient. Also, they are quite attractive and can be part of your landscape. Knowing the plants you need and how to use them is the first step. The truth is that beer garden plants can be an ideal complement to the existing garden or a new landscape concept. You can see here some gardens. In this post, you will learn some vital tips to help you grow a beer garden and include the necessary ingredients into the outdoor living space.

Growing Beer Garden

beer barNowadays, home beer brewing is a personal hobby and a lot of enthusiasts across the world are developing their unique alcoholic beverages. When you produce your own beer ingredients in the garden, you have an easy access that allows you to control your personal blend. Choosing the right hops is the first step since each cultivar has specified flavors and zonal requirements. Also, you can experiment with different fruits and spices.

You should note that beer is the hallmark of sporting events, weekend tours, and barbecues. A lot of people prefer beer as the right beverage of choice. In fact, craft beer breweries are on the rise and many homebrewers form a niche market that continues to increase in numbers. Thus, if you want to try brewing, you should consider starting a beer garden at home.

Beer Garden Plants

beer gardenYou need to have important beer ingredients in your garden. Thus, you must have hops. They can grow from bines. The good thing about these plants is that they grow quite quickly and can even get to 20 feet in one season. Each hop cultivar has a unique flavor that is designated by either an aromatic or bittering plant. Aromatic hops brighten your beer and add both the flavor and scent to brew. On the other hand, bittering hops give dark, dense notes of high acid levels.

Beer gardens are more than just hops. However, the beer is dependent on the hop blend. Moreover, you should personalize your brew with various items such as citrus, sweet gale, woodruff, heather, juniper berries, and coriander. Most herbs have a bitter flavor. Some plants you can grow in your beer garden include sage, clary sage, yarrow, horehound, and more. You can also grow flavoring herbs such as borage, lemongrass, lemon balm, thyme, and marjoram.